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Tips to Deal with Insomnia during Pregnancy

Experiencing the symptoms of pregnancy may make you feel tired and a good-night-sleep is the best way to recover your energy. However, the changes in the hormones of the body, an increasingly larger abdomen, frequent urination, and anxiety may make you harder or unable to sleep like normal. This state is called insomnia. Women can experience insomnia in all trimester, but it is more popular in the second and third trimester. Insomnia may make you feel stressed and frustrated. So to ensure that you will have a good sleep, here are our tips to deal with insomnia.

You should end your last meal sooner before sleep

Regularly having hunger is a common phenomenon among pregnant women. You may crave for different kinds of foods or snacks all day. However, eating too much and close to bedtime may cause indigestion or stomach ache. As a result, you may find it harder to fall asleep. So you should not eat too much in one meal, especially before bedtime. Instead, you should eat more meals a day with a smaller proportion of food. Brown rice is a nice choice for your dinner as it may help you feel full longer. You can try to drink a little cup of warm milk and have some wholemeal biscuits before going to bed. Doing this in about 2 hours before bedtime will make it easier to sleep.

End your meals

Reduce the amount of water you drink before bedtime

Frequent urinate is one of the most iconic symptoms of pregnancy. Your hormones stimulate your kidneys to expand and produce more urine, which helps your body get rid of extra waste more quickly. However, if you drink a large amount of water at night, especially before bedtime, it may make you often urinate at night and lead to insomnia. Instead, you should drink plenty of water regularly during the day. After dinner onwards, you should drink only moderate amounts. Doing this will reduce the chance of constantly going to the toilet at night. If you are afraid of urination during sleep, you can use a urine pad for pregnant women.

Lying on your side will help you fight insomnia

Pregnancy studies have shown that lying on your side, especially on the left, will help you avoid insomnia. This position allows maximum blood flow and nutrients to your baby. This will reduce the pressure on the vena cava and enhance kidney function. As a result, you will feel easier to breathe as well as the swelling in your feet, ankles, and hands will be reduced. Therefore, you will find it easier to fall asleep.

Using Pregnancy Pillows is a good idea to avoid insomnia

Before going to sleep, you should put a pregnancy pillow between your legs so that they feel more comfortable. Sleeping with pregnancy pillows is a good way to help you prevent the edema, cramps, and back pain that you are having. There is a wide range of pregnancy pillows on the market. The U-shaped pillows are the most common nowadays as they are suitable for different positions.

Limit the use of electronic devices before going to bed

Using the phone, working with a computer, or watching TV right before bedtime may lead to insomnia due to the blue light effects on your eyes. If possible, you should try to spend 30 minutes relaxing before going to bed. You can turn on the dim yellow light then listen to soft music or read a book to help the body change from a dynamic state to a static state. Doing this will help you fall asleep easier as well as limit the bad effects of using electronic devices.

Limit electronic devices usage

Make your bedroom airy and cooler

Commonly, a pregnant woman has a higher body temperature than normal. Therefore, this condition may make you feel uncomfortable and harder to sleep. Keeping your bedroom airy and cooler will help you feel better as well as avoid insomnia.  Before going to bed, you can lower the A/C temperature a little bit to make your room cooler. Reorganizing your bedroom to reduce the number of objects and furniture will help it become spacier and airy. Furthermore, taking a bath before going to bed is also a good way to make your body temperature cooler.

FAQ - Safe Sleep in Pregnancy ⋆ Star Legacy Foundation

Share your experience about insomnia

It has never been bad for someone to ask for help, especially for pregnant women. Stress during pregnancy is one of the main reasons that lead to insomnia. Sharing how you feel and what you need to your partner, friends, and family is a great way to reduce stress. Joining a community or forum for moms also helps you find somebody who is having some problems with you. On top of that, if insomnia lasts for too long, you should visit your doctor immediately to make sure that your baby and your health will be safe.

There you go, now you have our tips to deal with insomnia during pregnancy. Do you have any tips to have a better sleep? Please share it with us in the comments!

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