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Working Moms: How to Return to Work After Having a Baby

The idea of returning to work is an emotional roller coaster for most moms. As a mom, we want to regain our independence and associate with adults again during the day. However, we will also feel nervous and guilty because no mom wants to leave her children behind. Although many moms return to work because they want to, others need to do it because they have to supplement the family income. With all the stress from work and baby, it’s tough to have a comeback. Luckily, there are still a few ways for working moms to make this works. Read on to how to return to work after having a baby.


Tips for working moms

It’s advisable to start looking for childcare options at least a month before your maternity leave is up. That way, you are not pressurized into taking the first option you see. There are various choices from having a childminder. Some moms will also opt for a playgroup a few days a week and have a childminder or Au pair fetch them and take them home. The advantage of having a childminder take care of your children is that they are at home where they can stick to the routine you have set up for them, and you know the environment is healthy. You can also call her any time to check on your children.

Get Organized

Now that you are returning to work you will need to ensure that your days are planned well in advance. It’s best to have a weekly schedule set up and a roster that the childminders can follow. Do the grocery shopping on the weekend and draw up a menu for the week. So that you don’t need to think about what you will cook each day. Also, you should buy in bulk according to the menu to save more time and a little bit of money. Plus, have a shared calendar with your partner so that you both know the new routine.

Work Together

Tips for working moms

To have a happy home, both parents should work together in raising the children. Take turns in collecting them from school, reading bedtime stories, and supervising bath time. Give each other a break, take turns taking the children out for a milkshake on the weekend or a movie so that the other parent can have some “me time”. Think of ways to make your day-to-day life easier. Try online shopping & delivery, pre-cooked meals, and anything that will lighten the workload.

Bottle-Feeding or Breastfeeding

You can still continue with breast milk for your babies if you want, but most moms will choose to bottle-feed because it’s more convenient. Just make sure you wear nursing blouses or clothes that help do the job easier to work. On top of that, ensure you are used to using a pump and choose a suitable breast pump for yourself. Remember to practice at home before actually using it in the workplace. Before you go back to work if you have been exclusively breastfeeding, slowly introduce your babies to bottles so that they don’t experience nipple confusion. You can start building up a milk supply at home, so the caregiver can start feeding your babies in your absence. If you don’t know how to store breastmilk, check this.

Weigh Up the Financial Value of Returning to Work

Look at income versus cost when deciding to go back to work. Ask yourself a few questions like “How much will you earn/pay for childcare?” or “Is it financially viable to go back to work after all?”. In a few cases, some working moms realize that things would have been better if they had had more time to prepare to get back to work.

The decision to return to work should be supported by your family. You should both agree on how you will work together to make the household operate effectively and happily for everyone. You will experience a mixed feeling at first when returning to work. But, approach it with a positive attitude and the guilt will diminish and eventually disappear. We wish you the best. Feel free to share your story or issues with this topic in the comments to help others!

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